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Final color!

It’s ridiculous how much the final color (usually black) pulls everything together. One second the prints look like amorphous blobs of color kind of sitting on top of one another and the next, they make sense.

The screen:

the mess:

the print:

just a bit of tweaking/cleaning up to do, but the colors are done. The anxiety is mostly over. Heavy sighs of relief.

Help Needed!

Does anyone know where I could find a small, preferably round, wooden table? Similar to the small ones that go in fancy foyers usually holding a potted plant. Do any exist that I could perhaps borrow? I’ve checked a couple thrift stores and the prop room at Eastern, but no luck. Looking for something at least standard waist height and ideally a half-circle table that goes flush against a wall. Any ideas?

Similar to, but not quite as bulky as this:


Change of plans.

While starting this wordpress account, I was simultaneously starting my growingly involved senior project process in undergrad studies of Digital Art & Design. I think it would be very interesting to include this link on the back of the mustaches I print so that you can all see my process, step by step.

It’s starting to become quite the doozy, but I’m so excited! Stay tuned.