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Based in Brooklyn, NY. Full-time photo retoucher for Duggal Visual Solutions in Manhattan. Available for freelance

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‘Tis Finally Over

Much Mustachioed love to all who came last night to see the Senior Show, endless danke shoens. For those of you having your first visit to this blog, Warm welcomes. If you’re curious about anything at all, I will gladly answer any questions. Thanks again for all who stopped in and enjoyed all the work of some amazing seniors, those of you who have followed me here along the way, and especially Terry Lennox, Amanda Lebel and Elizabeth Peterson for your incredible heart, dedication and enthusiastic encouragement.



Escaping the throes of intense essay-writing on this 75 degree Sunday late-afternoon, I present you a much belated update. Today was a beautiful warm day not only because of the weather, but also because I held my new niece Zoe for the first time and shared a little water works with the present five generations of beautiful women. Driving back to Windham in quite indescribable elated spirits, I stopped at my other set of grandparent’s house to borrow a TABLE which they so graciously let me take for this project. It’s exactly what I had in mind. I am nearly finished my 14-page paper from purgatory and I feel I can finally relieve you all of some suspense. Here are some recent photos since Thursday:

Attached ‘staches to sticks-

Using pH Neutral (Acidfree) glue-

and in abundance-

as for the frame? – drumrolllllllllllll

Haha! I couldn’t give away what it all looks like! At least not until the opening. 🙂 But look at that frame, it’s like overlapping mustaches, an infinity mustache!

Tomorrow at 5pm is my deadline. Opening Reception is on May 4th, at 4pm! See you there!

Fancy Framework

Good news: Just got a text from my man TJ Lafollette saying my framing is complete. WOO! Bad news: I will not see it until this Thursday. And neither will any of you.

Good news: all letterpress printing is complete. Still feeling incredibly indebted to Amanda Lebel. Bad news: still have to acquire sticks, cut them down and attach them all. All 300 or so.

Still on the prowl for a suitable table. Flea market season is fortunately in full swing.

Deepest apologies for the week-long lag, this semester isn’t giving up.