She’s Finally Ready.

After a little touching up, she looks beautiful.

Traditionally, a generous border is left around the print, but I find it incredibly difficult to keep these clean whenever making prints. Usually the paper has a nice fibrous tooth to it, making it easy to clean up with a white pencil eraser. The paper I used was unfortunately not very forgiving like Reeves BFK or Arches Cover, cleanup would have been a nightmare had I tried erasing the ink. Simple solution? Taking Amanda Lebel’s endlessly helpful words of wisdom; cutting the print down and floating it on acid-free foamcore.

I had a 3/16″ thick piece of acid-free foamcore cut down to 26×26″, measured the exact middle and traced lightly in pencil, the position of the print on the foamcore. Flipping the print over from the top, I applied three pieces of linen tape, acid-free of course, along the top edge, attaching the back of the print to the foamcore. Flipping it back over and lining it up in its correct position before the tape dried completely, I stuck another small piece at the bottom in the middle for good measure. After erasing the lines I drew for positioning, I finally signed the print. On the back of course, but also on the foamcore:

The final print is 23×23″ with a foamcore border of 1.5″ all around and an approximate 2″ thick frame makes the final product about 28×28″. Where does the mustache come in to play you ask? Fret not, stay tuned for the next post!


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