The week goes on.

By the end of Day 1, the first color (dark blue) was printed, the second color Rubylith was cut and the screen filler was washed out. The screen was degreased and coated with photo emulsion to dry overnight. The morning of Day 2, the first Rubylith (the mustache pattern) was shot on the photo emulsion and the screen was rinsed, leaving behind the hardened emulsion. By 11am, I was in Amanda Lebel’s studio starting the letterpress. As of right now, I only have about 75 reverse sides to print.

By 1pm I was back in the printmaking room, printing the second blue on top of the empty blue area (the blue on the screen seen here is the negative space, the transparent part is what will actually show up on the print):

and cutting the second Rubylith; a much simpler feat than the first.

I’m kind of loving the way the layers of cut Rubylith look on top of one another.

By the end of Day 2, I had shot the second color screen, started letterpressing, cut the second Rubylith, washed out the screen and coated it with new emulsion for Day 3!


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