Day 3!

Day 3: trapped in the same room, windows agape, ancient, temperamental stereo cranking, with the warm weather breathing its tantalizing and inescapable breath in my face, I’m wearing the same apron I’ve been wearing every time I’ve exposed myself to the throes of sloppy ink. I always grab this particular one: smeared with black throughout one side, graciously pristine on the other. I’m not sure why I have almost this automatic impulse to grab this particular apron. Today I actually scoured amongst all the others hanging on the back of the storage closet door to find it. We have a special bond, almost. The whole week it was me and this apron against this screen and this print. Allies. The only real object who could possibly know the trials and tribulations of this process as they unfolded first-hand.

Although the seemingly endless hours of seclusion in this room had weighed on my mental well-being by this point, I drudged forward, determined to complete this project before school was back in session and we were all walking on eggshells around each other, trying to use the power washer at the same time and politely competing for space. Here is what I had completed by Day 3:

I was luckily able to save myself a step by using one screen for two separate colors because the colors did not come close to one another. I used masking tape to create a barrier between the color sections. Tape was also used to block small areas where the emulsion didn’t seem to stick. Just in case. The magenta was printed first:

The yellow was printed after wiping the excess magenta away so the colors didn’t mix:

And of course after washing out the ink and emulsion came the last of the Rubylith cutting:

No more Rubylith cutting!


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