And Just Like That!

…the Letterpress plates are in! Images have also been gathered for the actual content of the silkscreen portrait. After much stressing about large-format transparency printing and all local places not having these capabilities, it turns out I will be using a great deal of Rubylith. Which I have fallen completely in love with. For those of us longing to connect with incredible things of the past which required skill and obscene patience, Rubylith is a glorious material that masks or blocks light as black ink on a transparency would. So instead of spending loads of money on several transparencies and running the risk of fixing tiny defects for endless hours, I can just draw my image, cut out the white space with an X-acto knife and peel the red layer back, leaving the clear film for light to pass through.

As it stands right now, I will have my image and colors planned by the end of this week, and by the weekend, have ordered a 30×30″ screen from Victory Factory and 300 paper mustache cards from my wonderfully helpful Etsy source! All printing and production will happen over Spring Break. Coming togetherrrrr


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