Preliminary Design: “The Mustache Metaphor”

Everyone is always so concerned with how long the physical end product of the project will take you. What they always seem to leave out of the equation is the actual time needed to simply think. Think. Think. Think. Thinking is always the hardest part in any project, but always the most crucial step. While inspecting this, be wary of Mark Twain’s intimidating stare and prominent whisker pieces; that man always meant business.

If you can’t read my chicken scratchings, the top left section of the picture says:

“The Mustache Metaphor” -Gender Roles, Humor, Self Portrait – Sketches

  • Large Format Canvas(?)
  • Edition of 5
  • Silkscreen/Printmaking
  • Sculptural Elements?

The bottom right of the page says:

Interests and Ideas

  • Steampunk, sculpture, graphics, ink drawings
  • Victorian Male style (mustaches, identity, gender roles)
  • 1950’s advertising
  • Experimental photography – Imperfection and Flaws
  • Dreams

Project Ideas

  • Combine Art and Graphics
  • Contemporary “Art Market”
  • Interactive w/ audience – installation
  • Collaboration?
  • Printmaking-silkscreen, mass production
  • Wall decals?
  • Flipbook Carousel, sculptural

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